In Mangistau, there are many wells with centuries of history, one of the oldest relics of our ancestors. Also called the precipice.

Although the Mangistau steppe is located on the shores of the old Caspian Sea, it lacks fresh water.
Our ancestors lived on Ustyurt and kept cattle, dug wells at a depth of 50-60 meters and scooped up water
to solve the food problem. According to a valuable document, more than 4,000 abysses were excavated around
the Adai region.

Of course, many of them were buried today. However, some pastoralists are still reaping the benefits of the
old abyss. The power of black gold is not the same … Elon Musk, the son of the people, has already left the
earth and started his business on another planet.

From the point of view of the state of oil, nothing will change. Therefore, we need to “bend over to the blanket”
and begin livestock and crop production. To do this, together with the working group headed by the oblast akim
Serikbay Trumov, Bekmurat Zhusupov, Nurlan Kulbay, Nurzhigit Nurbolatovich, Abzal Mendibaevich, we got acquainted
with the state of pastures on the plateau and saw the condition of the wells.

At the same time, the question of whether it is possible to raise livestock and farm, was analyzed,
as far as possible to reformat the attack on Ustyurt. If everything is correct, the experts gave a positive
decision, then in the future the land is allocated to farmers and assistance from the government and the akimat.