Construction of a solar power plant

Project name: Construction of a solar power plant with a capacity of 12 MW in the village of Shetpe, Mangistau district, Mangistau region.

Job creation: during construction, 80 jobs, up to 10 permanent jobs.

Type of activity:

energy; renewable energy
and electric power transmission
sale of electric energy to consumers
construction of residential and non-residential buildings
organization of wholesale, retail and Commission trade
commercial and foreign economic activity
investment and marketing services
solar cell production activities

Participation rate of the parties:

JSC “SEC” Kaspiy ” – 25%;
LLP” Kazakhstan ASEM ” -51%;
West Caspian Group LLP – 24%.


The Board of Directors approved the implementation of a joint project in the field of renewable energy sources with Aciem Kazakhstan LLP and West Caspian Group LLP.
For the implementation of the project, JSC “SEC “Kaspiy” leased a land plot of 30 hectares in the village of Shetpe of the Mangistau district for 49 years. The investor has developed a preliminary feasibility study.
On March 20, 2018, the investor received an agreement to secure financing from the Chinese Bank of industrialization and the insurance Agency “Sinosure”.
Currently, work is underway with JSC “MREK” and JSC “KEGOC” and under the agreement of the EPC contract to develop a scheme for issuing power for subsequent approval.

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