Updating the bus fleet in Aktau

Project parameters:

As part of the project, it is planned to purchase 18 buses with a diesel engine to transport passengers in Aktau. the project cost is 40.1 million tenge Yutong k6108hgh (10.3 m).

Under the project, the SEC pays an advance payment of 30% on leasing in the amount of 216,540 thousand tenge.Provision of buses for use by potential carriers on the basis of a joint operation agreement without forming a legal entity, allocated from the local budget, transferred to the initial payment of 30% for buses purchased through JSC “DBK-Leasing”. Potential carriers have been identified among existing carriers on routes 2 and 3.


the tender for the purchase of financial leasing services was held on December 10, 2019. Only the application of DBK-Leasing JSC was submitted for participation in the tender” »;
An agreement on project support was signed between the akimat of Mangistau region, the akimat of Aktau city, JSC ” SEC “Kaspiy” and JSC “DBK-Leasing” »;
The contract for the purchase of financial leasing services No. 140/FL dated December 24, 2019 was signed;
The contract of purchase and sale of goods for transfer to financial leasing No. 140/400/1-KP dated December 31, 2019 was signed;
As of March 30, 2020, 216,540 thousand tenge was received. From MO Opted;
April 14, 2020 JSC “DBK-Leasing” by 30% (216,540 thousand tenge. financial leasing agreement.

Leasing agreements:

Funding currency-tenge;
The amount of the leasing agreement is 721,800 thousand tenge;
The interest rate is 7%;
The funding period is 7 years.


According to the agreement for the purchase of financial leasing services, the delivery of buses is scheduled for October 2020 (180 days from the date of PAYMENT).

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