The first food supplies are already arriving in the region. Contracts for the purchase of socially significant food products have been concluded. There are 19 items in the list. The purchase of socially significant food products (carrots, onions, potatoes, cabbage, vegetable oil, sugar, butter, flour, milk 2.5%, pasta, chicken, rice, eggs, etc.)
is carried out by social and entrepreneurial Caspian Corporation. The money is in the account of this company. Of 1 billion 63 million tenge, 850 million tenge concluded contracts for the supply of food, as well as agreements for
loans to manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.

380 million tenge are used for the mechanism of issuing loans to domestic suppliers.

According to Abzal Mendibaev, Chairman of the Board of SEC “Caspian”, to date, out of 380 million tenge, agreements have already been concluded in the amount of
244 million tenge, another 130 million tenge the documents and contracts are under signing. These agreements will help entrepreneurs to supply food products to the market
(including producers to buy raw materials for production) and, thereby, contain prices for socially significant food products. 683 million tenge – this money was
determined for direct purchase to replenish warehouses. In other words, to form a stabilization fund of food products and purchase 19 types of socially significant
food products.


Na summu 198,7 mln tenge, kotoroye napravleno na vydachu zayma uzhe priobreteny i postavleny na rynki i magaziny sakhar – 37 tonn, maslo slivochnoye – 20 tonn, 
muka – 60 tonn, kartofel' – 644 tonn, morkov' – 120 tonn, luk – 182 tonn, maslo rastitel'noye – 35 tonn, moloko 2,5% – 15 tonn, makaronnyye izdeliya – 10 tonn, 
kapusta – 150 tonn. In the amount of 198.7 million tenge, which is aimed at issuing a loan, sugar - 37 tons, butter - 20 tons, flour - 60 tons, potatoes - 644 tons, 
carrots - 120 tons, onions - 182 have already been purchased and delivered to markets and shops tons, vegetable oil - 35 tons, milk 2.5% - 15 tons, pasta - 10 tons, 
cabbage - 150 tons.

Contracts were concluded for 490 million tenge and the delivery of products is carried out in stages: 52 tons of pasta, 266 tons of chicken meat, 564 tons of first
grade flour, 185 tons of vegetable oil, 209 tons of rice, 344 tons of sugar, as well as for the supply of 5 tons of milk, 5 tons of beef, 5 tons of salt, 200 thousand
eggs. In the amount of more than 120 million tenge, products have already been delivered to storage facilities.

Bakytzhan Kachakov, deputy akim of the Mangystau region: “The goal is to form at least 10% provision of food products in our stabilization fund. Thus, several contracts were signed for the supply of flour, pasta, vegetable oil, sugar. It should be noted in terms of sugar that today the domestic market is not saturated enough. Each region tries first of all to provide for itself, then other areas. Therefore, we found the appropriate supplier from Belarus. Shipments will come from there. The work is not one day. She will go on an ongoing basis. The principle is not only the storage of food, but also their refreshment.
Akimats of cities and districts regularly monitor prices and stocks of socially significant food products.