Electric Bus Route Aktau – Airport – Aktau

Objective of the project:

  • Creation of the image of Aktau for the disclosure of tourism potential by opening the route “Aktau – Airport”
  • Arrival and departure of passengers – 1231 passengers (per day)
  • Bus capacity – 47 seats
  • Total number of seats – 188 places (47 * 4)
  • Passenger traffic – 705 people
  • Passenger coverage – 57%
  • Fare – 350 tenge


Social effect

  1. Support for domestic producers and the development of the Green Economy;
  2. Improving the ecology of the city;
  3. Creating an example of the company’s capabilities in the effective implementation of electric buses, electric vehicles and infrastructure construction.


Competitive advantages of electric buses:

  • No pollution: no harmful emissions;
  • Savings: no need to replace oils, filters, which can significantly reduce the operating costs of bus fleet owners.
  • Cost of energy: the cost of traveling by electric bus is less than the cost of the energy consumed when traveling on a bus running on fossil fuels, at the same distance.


Maintenance and maintenance costs (estimated daily average)

  1. Refueling per day– 20 thousand tenge (5 thousand tenge per unit)
  2. Overhead costs – 2 thousand tenge (500 tenge per unit)
  3. Payroll daily – 22.6 thousand tenge, (5.6 thousand tenge per unit)
  4. Total unit costs per day – 11.1 thousand tenge.


Economical effect

  • Net income per year – 22.3 million tenge at a cost of 350 tenge per journey. Payback period – 4 years.
  • Net income per year – 19 million tenge at a cost of 300 tenge per journey. The payback period is 6 years.


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