Information on the formation of food products of the stabilization Fund


JSC ” SEC “Kaspiy” (hereinafter – the company) is a specialized organization that implements mechanisms for stabilizing prices for socially important food products, with the exception of measures to set maximum prices for socially important food products in accordance with the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 9, 2012 No. 1279.
In order to provide the population of the region with socially important food products during an emergency, the company conducted a purchase through the Web portal of public procurement of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In order to form the stabilization Fund of the Mangistau region, 1,063 million tenge was allocated from the local budget for the purchase of socially important food products.tenge.
The company attracted 683 million us dollars and purchased socially important food products in kind in tenge (2531 tons):
flour 1 grade 1106.8 tons,
vegetable oil 362000 liters,
pasta 52 tons,
rice 209 tons,
poultry meat 266 tons,
sand Secker 411.7 tons,
Food salt 5 tons,
beef 10 tons,
milk 2.5% fat content 25000 liters,
egg 1 grade 200 000 pieces,
butter 2 tons.
The products listed above are stored in a rented warehouse.
In order to prevent expiration of the expiration date, 4 sales contracts were concluded:
Sold 650 tons of flour,
60 tons of poultry meat,
4000 liters of vegetable oil,
20 tons of sugar,
10 tons of rice,
2 tons of pasta,
5 tons of table salt.
In addition, credit agreements were signed with 14 business entities in the food sector in the amount of 429 million us dollars. loans were issued in the amount of 54.5 million tenge.tenge, returned at the request of the loan recipients.
A contract for the supply of grade 1 flour in the amount of 476 tons for a total amount of 60.9 million tenge was signed through the state procurement website.
20 passenger pavilions, which are on the company’s balance sheet, are leased, of which 15 are currently operating. In particular, contracts were signed for the sale of paper products to the public at a favorable price through 7 passenger pavilions.